For our Active-Duty Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Teachers and Medical

Kids'Trade-Up Program



Howard Liss

Co-Owner-Howard Liss currently splits his time between the shop and his other job as a manufacturer’s rep in the Men’s Apparel industry. Howard grew up working in his father’s Men’s clothing stores in Charlotte and considers himself a student of retail where the learning never ends. An avid cyclist since his childhood, Howard’s lifelong dream of owning and operating a bicycle shop was finally realized in late 2015 with the opening of Bicycles, in partnership with Dr. Johnson Kelly. Folks who meet Howard know that he has a passion for every facet of bicycles and cycling and that he enjoys riding UP hills as much or more then down them!! He wants to provide you with a bike that is perfectly suited to you. He is also intent on offering great service and most important, a fun experience riding your bike!

Henry Herzberg

Co-Owner-Henry Herzberg is a retired Engineer and former U.S. Coast Guard/Civilian employee. His passion for cycling emerged as he began participating in our community rides and has now joined Bicycles as a Partner! Originally from ‘up North’, he and his sweet pooch Tucker now live and enjoy their lives as Shelby residents. Henry enjoys wrenching on bikes as a mechanic in the shop and leading and participating in Shop Group Rides on his DOMANE SL 6 DISC or his new FX LTD, as well as many other interests.

Tucker the Shop Dog

Tucker is our official Shop Dog, Store Manager and Greeter! In addition to being really handsome (and cute!), Tucker enjoys attention from all good people and is especially child-friendly!

Scott Moss

Co-Owner Service Manager-Scott Moss is Bicycles Service Manager and chief mechanic. Scott’s passion for fixing bicycles started in high school when he worked part-time in a local bike shop. In addition to his responsibilities here at Bicycles, Scott is a musician extraordinaire, singing and playing his guitar throughout the region either solo or in The Scott Moss Band, Big Daddy Love or The Oak Grove String Band!! Scott and his sweet wife Karen are lifetime residents of Shelby. Scott also enjoys participating in our weekly shop rides!

Sherry Henderson

Sales, Ride Leader and So Much More-Sherry Henderson began her association with Bicycles as a customer and participant in our group rides along with her husband, the venerable Gary Comer! Sherry’s passion for the activity of cycling and Bicycles the shop in general has continued to grow. Sherry has become in no particular order a ride leader, book keeper, super-sales person and all-around business mentor!! Most of all, Sherry has become a best friend to so many lucky people here in the Shelby cycling community!

Dee Liss

Co-Owner- Dee Liss is a retired Presbyterian Minister and Pastoral Psychotherapist. Dee’s constant love, support and encouragement are the primary reasons for Howard finally co-opening Bicycles in Shelby NC! Dee helps out at the shop and does everything she can to support Howard so that he is the best bike shop owner and operator that he can be! Together Dee and Howard enjoy being diplomats for the cycling community whenever they are in and around Shelby.

Dr Johnson Kelly

Co-Owner-Dr. Johnson Kelly is a retired urologic surgeon. He was born and raised in Shelby and has lived here with his loving wife Martha and their family for most of his life. Johnson loves riding his bicycle, fly-fishing and other outdoor activities. It was Johnson’s dream of opening a community business that encouraged recreational activity as a means to a healthy lifestyle that led to the opening of Bicycles in late 2015. Johnson has been a constant leader and mentor, nurturing the business and making sure that it continues to be a positive force in the community

Bruce Dimsdale

Store Ideas and Commentary-Bruce Dimsdale is a retired Quality Assurance Technician and a Quality manual writer for Freightliner, where he wrote manuals, solved problems and worked to prevent their reoccurrence. A proud grandpop, Bruce pops into Bicycles and helps assemble and repair bikes, entertain customers and their children and rifle off a steady stream of suggestions on how to improve our business! Bruce has been a huge advocate for this website and without his constant insistence, it might not be here!!

Active-Duty Military, Police, Firefighters, Teachers & Medical Professionals Discounts

If you are a Military Member, Police Officer, Firefighter, Educator or Member of our Medical Community,

You are our HEROS

and we are proud to offer you Discounts

If you buy a new kid’s bike from Bicycles in Shelby NC, you can bring it back within 3 years and trade it in. At that time, we will give you up to 50% of what you paid for it as credit towards the next size bike